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Our EDU Consultant:

Dr. Darla Barnes began her teaching career  in 2005.

She began working with students in multiple disciplines as both a teacher and a coach.  She found her passions for English learners and focused on building the skills of her students and promoted language and academic growth through collaborative and innovative strategies.

Since, she has continued to support English learners in various roles including teacher, coach, advocate, liaison, instructional coach, administrator, coordinator, and specialist.  In these roles she has been able to support students, teachers, and administrators in the development and improvement of Bilingual and EL programs. Dr. Darla Barnes has developed and implemented district wide initiatives to support special populations including English learners, special education, 504, and dyslexia.

In addition, Darla has mentored administrators in the development of improvement plans as well as developing platforms for action for various district-wide initiatives.  With more than 17 years of experience training and supporting schools and students Dr. Darla Barnes has impacted the success of many by helping them reach their goals.  

Her empowering and affirming approach to consulting, training, and coaching through a collaborative model allows for an education system to know and grow as a team as they use approaches that support ALL learners.

As such, she is familiar with the challenges of working with EL populations and understands the steps needed to support the success of English learners.  As an innovative, effective, and dynamic educator she is a true game changer in the world of education. 

After working with Darla, clients are more efficient, productive, and effective.




EDU Game Changers, LLC is a unique consulting group founded in 2018 by Darla Barnes, a veteran educator for over 17 years.  Darla’s skillset and knowledge serving English Learners in Texas spans from Pre-kindergarten all the way through to the adult learner.  At EDU Game Changers we work side by side with the most experienced educators to ensure our clients’ needs and target goals are met. We grow teachers and improve programs to attain the highest academic achievement for English Learners.

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