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  • Consulting days can be designed to support the collaborative process to:

    • Develop a platform for action using a multitude of methods. 

    • Guide curriculum development

    • Have an outside view to evaluate a current program

    • Design a training schedule for a district

Virtual Professional Development:

Virtual Professional Development:

  • This offering is designed for targeting development

  • Educators develop goals and choose a pathway for growth

  • Integrated virtual coaching before and after each course in the pathway

  • Embedded support through technology

  • Continuous feedback model through pathway

  • Badging system to motivate and celebrate participants

Face to Face Professional Development:

A plan is developed in collaboration with key members to meet the needs of the district/system

  • This plan includes the advanced scheduling of 10 or more days including multiple consulting days that may be utilized for program development or curriculum support.

  • Professional Development is developed to meet the needs of the district/system and is delivered in face-to-face settings

Other Options:

Individual Training Days:

  • Individual training days are available for districts or systems that have a need for individualized support.

  • A brief meeting will need to occur to discuss the needs of the client to determine the appropriate training.

  • There are a variety of topics available for this option.

Individual Consulting Days:

  • Individual consulting days are available for districts or systems that have already completed other offerings and feel the need for additional support.

  • This offering is only in addition to other offering.

Would you like teachers to interact and collaborate in hands on learning experiences? Through any of these instructional training sessions educators can learn strategies that can be immediately implemented seamlessly into the classroom to increase student achievement. 


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